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Recent Releases
  1. Tall Trees (Original)
  2. Bright - Echosmith (Cover)
  3. Restful Soul (Original)
  4. Oh Jericho (Original)
  5. Rise and Shine (Original)
  6. House Of Gold - Twenty One Pilots (Cover)
  7. Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay (Loop Cover)
  8. Pure Imagination - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Cover)
Wild Eyed Wonder: three little words that provoke big thought.

Imagine the possibilites if there were dreamers brave enough to ask big questions, and passionately seek to become the answer... anything could happen!

Australian artist, Dee Bradbery, is one of those wild enough to dream about change. Tired of the negativity flowing out of the music industry, she pursues the idea that positive messages can resonate louder than anything else coming over the airwaves.

Using her love for music, and passion for songwriting, Dee hopes to become a part of the solution - calling out for everyone who feels the same, to join her in this musical revolution.

So the question is: can lives be completely transformed by a positive musical experience?

Upcoming Events
  1. 19 MAY
    Ipswich Show
    The Community Stage @ The Ipswich Showgrounds
    19th of May - 12:30pm
  2. 20 MAY
    Ipswich Show
    The Community Stage @ The Ipswich Showgrounds
    20th of May - 12pm